Prince Street Campus

Ruth Merrill (1894-1980) was a graduate of Radcliffe College, later earning her master’s at Harvard, and a PhD from the University of Minnesota.

Esther Hale [1893-1985] was a member of the University’s Class of 1917. She married Arthur James Gosnell, UR1916, on October 7, 1918. They had two sons: Thomas H. Gosnell and Arthur James Gosnell, Jr., UR1950. Mr. Gosnell, Sr. died August 29, 1949.

Eleanor Garbutt Gilbert (1898-1984) was a member of the UR Class of 1919. After graduation she lived for a time in France. She married Donald W. Gilbert UR1921 on August 19, 1922 in Garbutt, NY.

Dr. Ethel French, a professor of Chemistry at the University of Rochester from 1938 till 1977, was a member of the Class of 1920. She also earned her master’s degree in 1926 and her doctorate in Chemistry in 1937 from the University of Rochester.

Morey Wantman was associated with the University for sixteen years, beginning in 1941 as assistant director of research, Committee for the Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots, National Research Council.

Dorothy Dennis [1885-1988] was a member of the University of Rochester Class of 1908. Two of her sisters and one brother also attended the University and went on to lead interesting and accomplished lives.

Cora Hochstein was a member of the Class of 1935 and was described by her classmates in the Croceus as being “99.44% brilliant.” After graduating from the University, she received a MA degree from Radcliffe College in history in 1936.

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